Balance sheet debt

Business loans can be a huge detriment to a business, but it can also be a blessing. This blessing comes in the form of balance sheet debt, and overall debt to make a business seem less profitable than it is. Unfortunately, with many lenders knowing that businesses take loans to increase their own business credit […]

Direct Fraud

One of the worst cases that we have represented for loan fraud was for a business loan with a small enterprise. The company was small when it applied and was accepted for the loan, with the repayments being a reasonable rate to begin with. The issue was many of the illegal clauses in the contract […]

UK Lender

One large lender in the United Kingdom who is known for being the worst pay day loan lender based on the way they treat their customers contributed to one of the pay day loan cycles that financially crippled many people throughout the years. While some customers of a lender must take responsibility for their actions […]